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Business TalkRadio Network� Weekend Hosts


What's Up With Wendy
Saturdays 1-2 am & 7-8 pm EST
Fridays 7-8 pm EST

Harry Douglas
Car Concerns

Saturdays 2-3 am EST

Home & Garden Radio
Saturdays 4-5 am EST
Doug Stephan
Good Day Weekend

Saturdays 6-7 am EST

Executive Leaders Radio Weekend Edition
Saturdays from 7-8 am EST
Sundays MID-1am EST

Elizabeth Dougherty & Michael Serio
The Dougherty Report

Saturdays 8-9 am EST
Sundays 3-4 am EST

Ron Rowe & Cary Hall
Muscle Cars on the Radio

Saturdays 9-10 am EST
Sundays 2-3 am EST

Bobby Likis
Car Clinic

Saturdays 10-11 am EST

Garden Life
Saturdays 11-Noon EST
Dr. Finkelstein
The Skillful Living Room

Saturdays Noon-1 pm EST
Sundays 3-4 am EST
Conscious Lifestyles Radio
with Ginger Leilani Chapin

Saturdays 1-2 pm EST
Sundays 4-5 am EST
Cary Hall
America's Healthcare Advocate Show

Saturdays2-3 pm EST
Sundays 1-2 am EST
with Greg The Divemaster

Saturdays 3-5 pm EST


Stu Taylor
Equity Strategies

Saturdays 8-10 pm EST
Into Tomorrow With Dave Graveline
Saturdays 10-Mid EST
Speak Up and Stay Alive
Sundays 7-8am EST

Home Talk USA
with Michael King

Sundays 9-10 am EST

Business Talk with Jim Campbell
Sundays 10-11am & 10-11pm EST
Thursdays 7-8pm EST

Garden Life
Sundays 11-1 pm EST

Steve Dale's Pet World
Sundays 2-3 pm EST

Animals Today
Sundays 5-6 pm EST

Best of Animals Today
Saturdays 3-4 am EST

Travel with Stephanie Abrams
Sundays 6-9 pm EST
The CEO Show with Robert Reiss
Fridays 7-8pm EST
Sundays 9-10 pm EST
Crime Time with Vito Colucci, P.I.
Saturdays 6-7pm EST
Sundays 11-Mid EST
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