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America's Healthcare Advocate Show

In 1969, Cary Hall was a patrol dog-handler at Cam Ranh Bay in South Vietnam � the first line of defense against Viet Cong and NVA attackers who would be paid handsomely for bringing back his dog tags and his dog�s tattooed ear.

For a guy who was terrified of dogs as a kid, it�s safe to say he didn�t expect that he and his attack dog would one day be the focus of an article in Stars & Stripes magazine.

Thirty-five years later, after moving back to his hometown Kansas City, Cary and his wife Lori, created Benefits By Design, Inc., a business dedicated to finding affordable health insurance solutions for small businesses and individuals.

After several years in the health insurance industry, Cary came home to his wife and business partner, Lori, to tell her that a radio station manager thought he might make a good radio host to address health insurance issues. Cary�s answer of �you�ve got the wrong guy pal� was quickly changed after Lori compelled him to get on the phone and accept the offer!

Cary is now the host of the nationally syndicated America�s Healthcare Advocate Show � his Arbitron ratings continue to climb higher every quarter.

One thing hasn�t changed; Cary Hall knows how to accept challenges and come out on top!

Maybe that�s why, as a health insurance expert and top-rated independent producer, Cary is on a mission� If there�s one thing he wants the American family and small business owner to come to grips with, it�s the fact that health insurance coverage is affordable and manageable� ON YOUR OWN!

As a family man, a veteran and a hard working entrepreneur, Cary�s passion and vision is to keep America strong by protecting and improving our national free market system, particularly in the health insurance industry. That is achieved by truly meeting the needs of families and small businesses and strongly opposing government run national health care programs. Cary does both.

Today, as the President of Benefits by Design and host of America�s Healthcare Advocate Show heard on radio stations coast-to- coast, Cary is leading a charge to educate and empower Americans to take control of an essential aspect of their lives� health and financial protection within the commercial sphere � and just as important, avoid a government run train wreck known as national health care. How? By making you, the consumer, aware of your affordable options; options like:

  • Individual and Family Health Insurance
  • Group Coverage
  • Self � Funding of Benefits
  • Student Health Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Medicare Supplement /Medicare Advantage
  • Life and Disability Insurance
  • Annuities

Cary grew up knowing that achievement requires hard work and perseverance.

He also knows that if you want something done right, you�ve got to do it yourself.

Step back for a moment from the media and government hype about the so-called �health insurance crisis� in America. Let Cary Hall guide you to the certified facts and away from the media fiction. He�ll leave the rocket science to the rocket scientists and you with a brand new fact to share with your family and friends�

Understanding and acquiring affordable health insurance just got a whole lot easier!

Cary Hall is America�s Healthcare Advocate� for you, your family and your business!

Like Cary says at the close of every radio show: �It�s a funny thing about life. If you refuse to accept anything but the very best, you most often get it!�

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