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Boomers� Braintrust with Johnny Dean and Dinah Smith

"Boomers' Braintrust," follows the long-running financial planning talk show, "The Ray Lucia Show. "Boomers' Braintrust" is anchored by Johnny Dean, who has co-hosted Lucia's show for 23 years, and by veteran air personality and news anchor Dinah Smith. The program provides viewers and listeners with a variety of topical and informative content, emphasizing personal finance and money management issues.

As the name of the program implies, "Boomers' Braintrust" is targeted to the massive demographic group of Americans born between 1946 and 1964. There are an estimated 75 million 'Baby Boomers' in the United States. Program features address topics including retirement planning, real estate and investing. The show also focuses on the day's top headlines from Washington and Wall Street, and how those stories impact people on Main Street. However, "Boomers' Braintrust" doesn't concentrate entirely on financial topics. The show also devotes segments to lifestyle matters from health care and wellness to travel, leisure and entertainment.

"I'm excited to expand on what Ray and I have been building the past two decades," says Dean. "The Braintrust will expand its reach beyond what we ever thought possible." "We'll definitely be able to relate to our viewers and listeners", says Smith. "I have the same challenges as other 'Boomers' -- paying for college tuition and providing for my kids, while worrying if I have prepared well enough for retirement." Together, Dean and Smith present a lively and engaging blend of news and talk designed to cater to a broad demographic audience, but with an emphasis on Boomers.

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