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Executive Leaders Radio Weekend Edition

You have an open invitation to the corner office, Saturdays 7 am EST. With nationwide listeners, Executive Leaders Radio (ELR) has become the go-to source for corporate executives who wish to discuss the secrets of their success. Currently a top-rated business radio show in the mid-Atlantic region, the program's interviews are long enough to provide its 7 million weekly listeners (airing in excess of 15 hours each week) a clear sense of each CEO's story of success. Guests typically run businesses ranging from $10 million - $16 billion, with notable exceptions made for shooting stars.

ELR hosts Herb Cohen, Peter Schwartz, Dennis Powell, Dean Schwartz and Susan Smith have fine-tuned the art of drawing out guests so that they feel comfortable sharing the success and the long road that led them to the corner office. Listeners particularly appreciate being able to relate to our guests' life stories and their struggles along the way, as well as their personal secrets of success, leadership styles and opportunities. The appeal of ELR�s fascinating life stories reaches beyond business leaders.

Executive Leaders Radio has been featured in internet business magazines SmartCEO (Smart Ideas) and SmartBusiness (Journal for Corporate Growth) and is archived on Apple's iTunes, Podcast Alley and ExecutiveLeadersRadio.com as well as Businesstalkradio.net. Because each CEO's story is different, the audience keeps coming back. CEO's feel wonderful after their interview, as is evidenced by the fact that most offer ELR introductions to other CEO's.

To date, the program has interviewed more than 6,000 CEO's such as David Dacquino, CEO VT Group, US, Tom Frana, President and CEO ViON Corporation, Julius Steiner, CEO Gamesa Corporation, Jason Rabbino, CEO and President Tyco, ACG, Peter Boni, CEO and President of Safeguard Scientifics, Jim Bradbeer, President of Lilly Pulitzer Kurt Misialek, EVP/CFO Eggland's Best, Patrick Cunnane, President Fuji Bikes, Advanced Sports, Inc., Richard Phillips, CEO Pilot Freight Services, Jim Rudolph, Chairman and CEO Rita's Water Ice.

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