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Airs Sundays 6-9 pm EST
Ask Stephanie Abrams

Travel with Stephanie Abrams

Anyone who goes anywhere, whether for business, pleasure, or a family concerns, will be fascinated by the destinations visited by Travel Expert, Stephanie Abrams, and her On-Air Traveling Companion, David Isby. Recognized as one of the 100 Most Powerful Women in Travel, Stephanie's background and experience in the travel industry put her at the heart of inside information on destinations, cruise lines, hotels, airlines, car rental companies and niche market suppliers such as conference and convention centers, romantic destinations, unique villas and inns, the most charming castles and historic sites offering accommodations for the traveler and meeting centers and ammenities for the hi-tech business traveler's needs. You can count on Stephanie's lively, fast-paced, information-packed program content to keep listeners up-to-date with travel tips, special deals, and how to make every trip memorable using Stephanie's philosophy that every journey should result in the traveler feeling better for having traveled, enriched, enlightened, energized, and inspired by by the experience by finding quaint, charming and unique places along the way to refresh the mind and the spirit. Heard nationally on Sundays in the 7pm to 9pm EST time slot on the Business TalkRadio Network, listeners have opportunities almost weekly to win incredible prices to resorts, hotels, inn,cruises and even train trips in the US and globally.

"Taking the program's reach to foreign destinations opens the dialogue to include import-export, unique manufacturing, sales, and marketing challenges, and unusual solutions to business obstacles that have value to our audience," Abrams explains. "This unique sharing across borders combined with the mystique of each destination adds a new level of excitement to for the audience which is heightened further by the opportunity to win exotic prizes."

Stephanie Abrams and her traveling companion, Dave Isby, 'at home' in their broadcast studio.

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