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Conscious Lifestyles Radio

With a passion for Sustainable, Eco-friendly, "Green" living choices, Ginger Leilani Chapin has garnered a large following of listeners to her radio show, "Conscious Lifestyles Radio." Ginger Leilani Chapin is a Native of Maui, Hawaii. She also attended High School in Texas and Colorado and then took on the New England Winters for her College Degree from Boston University in Boston, Mass.

After suffering from strange, even nebulous illnesses as a young professional adult, but never finding any answers in the American-style of medical care, Ginger was fortunate to meet a Naturopathic Doctor in New York City in 2001. Her answers were finally found, and with the empowering information she received, she started to do her own research into Environmental illnesses. Her research led her to understanding the utmost importance of Food Choices in life, and how this plays a crucial role in finding Health and Longevity and even Youth and Beauty--- which is what all people want! She enrolled in a Holistic Nutrition school in New York in the Autumn of 2001, and has been helping friends, family, and now her listeners to understand the reasons for being passionate about a long list of related causes that most Americans never hear about otherwise.

Ginger states: "I see myself as a Libertarian politically. I have an Independent voice as a dedicated Environmental Advocate coupled with a Conservative financial viewpoint where I see great danger in big government, high taxes, and the slippery slope of creating a Police State in America. Independence and Individual Freedom are paramount keys to enjoying the Holistic and Eco Friendly lifestyle that most Americans desire in their lives."

Ginger Leilani Chapin is well researched in her interviews and brings a sense of enthusiasm and enlightenment for every topic she discusses with her impressive guests. Topics are wide and diverse but specific to every listener whether political, social, animal, environmental or health and food, she tackles every subject important to all people in todays crowded world.

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