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What's Up With Wendy

What's Up with Wendy is a live, weekly celebrity radio show that gives listeners an inside look at what's new, what's hot, and what's happening from Rodeo Drive to Greenwich Avenue. Nationally syndicated in more than 30 top markets from coast-to-coast, the show features interviews with feature film and television actors, reality TV hosts and participants, musicians, comedians, best-selling authors, sports legends and politicians. The versatile host also taps into her vast network of experts to discuss numerous hot topic social issues ranging from parenting and dating to nutrition and mental health. Additionally, when major national news stories break, Wendy reaches back to her news background and has insightful segments with insiders to cover stories including the Sandy Hook Elementary and Aurora Movie Theater shootings, and the Madonna Badger house fire. No matter the interview subject or the topic, listeners can always count on Wendy to provide a unique one-of-a-kind passionate and insightful experience.

Wendy Lowy Sloane started her career warming up audiences for Phil Donahue and was quickly hired as a producer for the Geraldo Rivera Show. Wendy made nationwide news for her in-depth shows featuring the OJ Simpson trial and the tragic death of child beauty queen Jon-Benet Ramsey. Wendy produced Geraldo's weekly Celebrity News shows, which were a hallmark of his daytime show. Moving on with her career, Wendy landed a key job in radio in New York City and was hired to be the Executive/On-Air Producer for BIG 105 with Danny Bonaduce. The Miami native and Florida State University graduate serves as the executive producer and host of her show What's Up with Wendy, which is syndicated nationally across the country on the Business TalkRadio Network.

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