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The CEO Show with Robert Reiss

Stories of Extraordinary Customer Experience Organizations from America's Leaders

The Customer Experience is becoming the litmus test for corporate excellence, and a crucial evaluator of a company's strength in competitive markets. Exceptional service is the fabric that drives shareholder value.

The C.E.O. Show presents America's leading CEOs and top executives discussing their unique approaches using breakthrough customer service case studies. These executives will highlight what it takes to master the art of customer service and drive performance. Included in this weekly show will be Golf Tips from Peter Belmont. Featured by ESPN as "Golf's most complete teacher", Belmont won 123 of 124 matches, holds records on 13 courses and is the inventor of the club head variable weighting system, used throughout the world. Mr. Belmont will offer sophisticated, and often overlooked, tips that can transform the listener's game. Golf is used as a metaphor for enhancing the customer experience.

Robert Reiss Bio
The host of the C.E.O. Show is Robert G. Reiss, who coined the term: "Customer Experience Organization". He has worked with 200 organizations to develop customer centric strategies. His work has been featured on CNBC's Profiles of America, and in numerous publications, including The Harvard Business Review. He is co-author of Golf and the Art of Customer Service. Robert is Chairman of the Board of Interlude Inc, Publisher of Managing Health Today Magazine, and is a Trustee for Kingsbrook Hospital. Previously, he served as Executive VP of The Outsourcing Institute and as President of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) in New York City.

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