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Crime Time with Vito Colucci, P.I.

Crime Time with Vito Colucci, P.I. The show features anything crime related. Current high profile cases or trials are discussed in detail with commentary from law enforcement experts and lawyers. Guests like Henry Hill, the former mobster and Lucchese crime family associate, and subsequent FBI informant whose life was immortalized in the Goodfellas movie also will be featured. What it's like to be a P.I., the latest technology and crime detection resources as well as forensics methods are also discussed on Crime Time. In addition, listener calls will be answered(i.e. How do I know if my spouse is cheating?). Each program includes a segment entitled "WHAT WERE THEY THINKIN'?!" This centers on bizarre crime related news, possible new laws across the country, i.e. police in NY state told to shoot to wound in a confrontation with a criminal instead of shooting to kill;convicted criminals in 8 states having access to citizens social security numbers as part of their inmate work programs, etc. Vito comments on these subjects and listeners can also call in to give their opinion or perhaps their own examples.

Host Bio
Vito Colucci, Jr. is the owner of Colucci Investigations LLC. Vito is a former member of the Stamford, Connecticut Police Department where he worked as Narcotic's Detective and Undercover Organized Crime Investigator. One of the main investigations Vito spearheaded during that time was uncovering the organized crime ties within his own police department. Working along with the FBI, he wore a wire for this assignment and infiltrated two crime families.

Vito was one of the youngest members ever to receive the Combat Cross for a shoot-out he was in. During his time on the police department he also received Valor Citations. Vito graduated from the Arnold Markle Search and Seizure School.

Vito has been a private investigator for the past 22 years, working many high profile cases; Michael Skakel/Martha Moxley case, Jayson William's case, honeymooner George Smith case, Charla Nash chimp case and the Andrew Kissell murder case. Vito has also worked on some of the biggest high profile cases in CT involving murders, rapes and a corrupt priest.

Vito is a regular commentator on various news programs including: Fox News, MSNBC, Catherine Crier/Court TV, Star Jones, Glenn Beck, Nancy Grace, Larry King, CNN Headline News, and The Bill O'Reilly Show. Vito was a featured speaker at the first World Investigator's Conference in Las Vegas in 2024.

Vito has a staff of investigators with various criminal justice backgrounds.. Vito is also the author of the newly released book "Inside the Private Eyes of a PI." Vito is a member in good standing of CALPI (Connecticut Association of Licensed Private Investigators.

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