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Where is Superman?
As a small business owner, have you been wondering, "Where's the help?" Our economy hasn't experienced a downturn this severe since the Great Depression. Some would even argue that we are worse off today. Wouldn't it be great if someone like Superman could save the day, just as he did on TV during our childhood? We have somehow convinced ourselves that the government was our Superman; the one that would save us and could save us from the negative economic forces that seem to be all around us.

But one day we woke up and recognized that the government doesn't have all of the answers. In fact, many would argue that the government is the very source of the problem itself! If Superman doesn't exist, who then will provide the solutions, the information, the strategies, and the thought leadership necessary to prosper as a nation undivided? We hear that small business is the economic engine of America, yet according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, businesses experience an 80% failure rate every 5 years or less, and 70% of all business owners report making less than $50k per year. These statistics bear out a frightening reality and expose a root cause -- under-capitalized businesses not getting the necessary resources to prosper and flourish while large corporations reap all of the benefits due to their clout and their overabundance of capital and opportunities. What will it take to get our country back on track?

First, let's understand that the American "pie" is not limited to the size that it is today or how it is being divvyed up. It can grow and there is more than enough opportunity and prosperity or "pie" for all of us if only we work together to grow this economy from the ground up. So, how do we do this? Well, what is the largest driving force of the economy? The answer: Small businesses! Small businesses fuel close to 85% of the economic machine and so what we must do is put our focus on that sector of our economy. And what will it take to enact real positive change to that sector of our economy?

Who is Superman?
Whether you are a business owner, solo-preneur, entrepreneur, unemployed, or underemployed; whether you've read all of the books, researched the websites, listened to all the radio shows, and searched for solutions; more than likely you're still left feeling a bit hopeless. You've done all that you know how, but you feel alone out there. You feel the complete absence of people actually working together anymore in this country. You know that if you just had the resources at your disposal, you could conquer the world or at least your little piece of it. You could realize your dream of owning your own business, growing that business, and in-turn, help stimulate our economy. But everyone who claims to have the answers wants your money; money that you just don't have.

Well, we hear you. We have seen the same and have run into our share of modern day snake oil salesmen too and we're here to help. We are your Superman! Tune in each and every day as we talk to, and about, people just like you. Talk about real solutions without the familiar "catch". It's time for "We the People" to take back control. It's time to take your business to the next level. It's time to awaken the entrepreneur within every single business owner in this nation and finally give them the tools they need to be successful - with the operative word being "give."

We don't just talk about business, we do business - everyday! We own our own companies; we buy companies; we sell companies; we consult with companies; we facilitate meetings; we form strategic partnerships; and most times we succeed, but sometimes we fail. The best part is we've learned from our failures and now you can too. You see, we are you! This show is for the 70% of small business owners that no one seems to care about. Our show will always be informative and entertaining. Once you tune in, you'll never want to leave. You will gain a new perspective on your business, your country and your life. You will find a better way. You will discover what everyone else wants to charge you to discover.for FREE!

So where's Superman? Right here on Catalyst's Economic Freedom Network Radio Show! Join myself Jason Garey and Scott Rozanski for an intimate, informative, inspired hour.

Jason Garey is a former business growth expert with Chet Holmes and Tony Robbins. He worked with startups as well as fortune 500 companies in order to help them find gaps in their businesses, close them and then deploy various tools, concepts, strategies and methodologies to better the overall health of the companies.

As a national sales trainer for a recruiting firm focused on finding employment for recently discharged military personnel he was able to help displaced members of the armed services find employment.

While taking on these various contracting positions, he also owned an executive recruiting firm, a decorative concrete curbing business, a commercial real estate investment company and a franchise called Tumblebus just to name a few.

With an interest in the energy management space, he worked for Wisuite , a Canadian international wireless energy management company as their VP of Operations. Understanding the importance of strategic partnerships in down economies, he established the Wisuite brand in the US. He accomplished this by establishing and maintaining clients like Marriot, Holiday Inn, Days and Hampton Inns and the Venetian Palazzo in Las Vegas Nevada. to name a few. Dealing with project sizes ranging in the millions he was able to develop processes that completely streamlined the financing and project management functions for the company.

Jason was then recruited to work as the sales trainer and sales manager for the energy management division of Princetongreen.org . He was subsequently introduced to Chet Holmes International, a sales training company. Chet Holmes and Tony Robbins then formed a company called Business Breakthroughs which Jason was part of the coaching stable.

Here, Jason averaged a client list of 10 to 15 individual businesses ranging from startup to 50 million dollars in revenues. Two recent case studies which Jason was a part of show massive growth in short time frames. In one instance, two months into the client coach engagement, he employed strategies that added 50k dollars in revenues per month. One and a half months into another engagement a commodities brokerage firm out of Houston doubled the sales in April of any other prior month in company history. Jason still commits some of his energies to the renewable energy sectors partnering with an electric car manufacturer and reseller of electric cars as well as a rainwater catchment systems company in order to bring solutions to the masses when it comes to improving the quality and quantity of the water supply here in the United States and Abroad. He is currently involved with Charity:Water which is a collaboration that focuses on bringing clean drinking water to over 1 billion people who currently lack the access to it today.

Jason continues to coach companies all over the country while performing the duties of being the co-host of the radio show.

Jason wants to restore the faith in this country that brings the 50% of people who are in despair back to a prosperous position. He considers the radio show as his platform to do just that.

Scott A. Rozanski was born and raised in Sylvania, Ohio only to depart for some time to serve as an Intelligence Specialist in the U.S. Navy from 1983-1987. Scott has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Toledo (1993) and a Master of Science from The University of Findlay (1996).

Scott comes from a family of entrepreneurs. His father was a successful salesman for Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance (later Mass Mutual) for close to 40 years; his mother ran a successful daycare center for over 20 years (Circus World Childcare Center); and his step-father, Clyde Craig was a very successful electrical contractor for well over 25 years starting and operating Craig Electric Company up until his death in 1996. Scott learned the important lessons about being an entrepreneur from these very successful family members that have made him a success in his own endeavors today.

Scott started his first business in 2024 -- Home Instead Senior Care. In his first year of running the business, Scott exceeded nearly all revenue growth records of any other home care owner in the network and broke-even in his business in less than 9 months! Scott continues to grow his home care business and has achieved multi-million dollar sales levels over his years as owner.

Scott also is an experienced real estate investor and manager. Scott started investing in real estate in 2024 and by 2024 had acquired over 50 properties. Scott now manages three real estate companies and knows very well the trials and tribulations associated with real estate investing during a very down economy.

Since Scott joined the ranks of entrepreneurs, he has been tireless in helping businesses get up and running or helping them to survive. Only after helping some friends open their own businesses and discovering from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that 8 out of 10 businesses failed in 5 years or less did Scott found Catalyst Business Coaching & Development in 2024. He did this in the hopes of having some impact on these negative statistics. In fact, Scott made it his mission to seek out small businesses and to help them beat the overwhelming odds of business success. In this short time, Scott has coached many small businesses to become more efficient, more effective and thus more profitable.

In June of 2024, Scott also opened up a women's boutique clothing store called Juni Boutique in Uptown Sylvania, Ohio (his first retail endeavor), with his wife Lisa. Within 3.5 months, the business had broken even. After 16 months, Scott and Lisa sold the business for a profit to move on to bigger and better adventures. Scott knows about profitability and leadership and being able to survive in any market condition, "Sure, running a business may not be easy all of the time, but if you have a strong vision, faith, sound values, and strong profitability, you can survive any storm."

Scott lives in Sylvania, Ohio with his wife Lisa and his two children Chloe and Jude.

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